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Copier Bevelmachines - Solid sharp, state-of-the-art bevelmachines


Copier Bevelmachines is part of the Copier Group and is an engineering and construction company.
Copier Bevelmachines is situated in The Netherlands and is designing and manufacturing pipe-end-preparation machinery for over 15 years now.

We mostly focus on pipe beveling machines. With our own factory and engineeringsdepartment we manufacture stationairy and mobile bevelmachines.
Besides that we manufacture machines that could cut and bevel in one preparation.

Our engineers are skilled to design a functional custom made solution for bevelling and cutting and beveling.
Besides that we could manufacture CNC machinery for beveling, based on your requirements.

We work with agents in the middle east that do the inventory locally.

Pipe cutting and bevel machine (CB- series):

Is used in production lines of for example tube of pipe manufacturers, machine has two roller benches.
The pipes go through the machine were they are cut on the required lengt and when necessary in the same run the machine could bevel the edges of the pipes.
We have build these machines in the past for existing production lines were this machine is replacing to machines, of course the cutting or sawing machine and the bevelmachine.
To have this two different preparations in one machine it makes your production process more efficient and less spaces is needed in your production facility.
Optional is the ID tracking system which keep track of the not 100% round pipes and this will have a perfect accurate effect on the bevel.

Mobile Pipe bevelmachine (F-series)
This machine is used on site and could be transported with a heavy vorklifter or an crane.
When this machine was first engineered the first customer wanted a machine that could work in sandy, muddy and wet conditions therefore this machine is very robust and solid build.
This mobile machine is external clamping on the pipe and has a self centring system and other big advantage of this machine is that it could also be used stationairy and it has to ability to have a perfect stable position to get te perfect accurate bevel.
The machine is 6300 kgs and works hydraulicly.