AL MAZROUI ENGINEERING (Subscribed With Gulf Oilfield Directory)

Al Mazroui Engineering Company (ME) is commended as one of the region’s certified supplier with a driving edge product range and great management skills. ME delivers a wide-ranging array of the following products and services: Developing business for partners, Engineering & design services, Fabrication, modification and upgrading of electro-mechanical equipment, Supply, Installation & Commissioning electromechanical equipment, Preventive maintenance programs, Environmental / Health / Safety Consultancy Services, Feasibility studies and project management services, Supply of qualified technicians & engineers, Automation and control systems supply and installation, Consultancy and supply for corrosion protection requirements. The fields which ME operates in for the supply of its high-quality and cost-competitive products & maintenance services include the following: Oil & Gas industry, petroleum refining, chemical & petrochemical, power & energy plants, & Environmental, as well as a range of industrial facilities. ME holds pride in its fine stature for its successful completion of innumerable orders & for their follow up for customer satisfaction.


PROJECT Development and Consultancy. Spherical Tanks, Pressurized Vessel and Bulk Storage Tank Components, Aluminum & SS Internal Floating Roof, Floating Roof Tank Seals, Roof Drain System, Floating Suction, Mixers, Agitators, Eductors, Accessories & Instruments, Vents, Level Gauges, Water Spray System, Foam Chamber , Fire Protection System, Intumescent Fire Protective Coatings, Catalyst Solutions, Chemical Additives, Lightning Protection System, Grounding System and Vehicle Tracking System (VIA GSM & SATELLITE).