AL MAZROUI ENGINEERING (Subscribed With Gulf Oilfield Directory)

Al Mazroui Engineering Company (ME) is commended as one of the region’s certified supplier with a driving edge product range and great management skills. ME delivers a wide-ranging array of the following products and services: Developing business for partners, Engineering & design services, Fabrication, modification and upgrading of electro-mechanical equipment, Supply, Installation & Commissioning electromechanical equipment, Preventive maintenance programs, Environmental / Health / Safety Consultancy Services, Feasibility studies and project management services, Supply of qualified technicians & engineers, Automation and control systems supply and installation, Consultancy and supply for corrosion protection requirements. The fields which ME operates in for the supply of its high-quality and cost-competitive products & maintenance services include the following: Oil & Gas industry, petroleum refining, chemical & petrochemical, power & energy plants, & Environmental, as well as a range of industrial facilities. ME holds pride in its fine stature for its successful completion of innumerable orders & for their follow up for customer satisfaction.

CONSILIUM MIDDLE EAST FZC (Subscribed With Gulf Oilfield Directory)

Consilium Middle East (CME) excels in providing state of the art engineering solutions for Oil & Gas and Marine sectors. In addition to regional level implementation of Consilium Group’s global business lines, CME encompasses and headquarters the Group’s Oil & Gas business which include Industrial Automation solutions & Fire protection and Safety systems solutions.


PROJECT Development and Consultancy. Spherical Tanks, Pressurized Vessel and Bulk Storage Tank Components, Aluminum & SS Internal Floating Roof, Floating Roof Tank Seals, Roof Drain System, Floating Suction, Mixers, Agitators, Eductors, Accessories & Instruments, Vents, Level Gauges, Water Spray System, Foam Chamber , Fire Protection System, Intumescent Fire Protective Coatings, Catalyst Solutions, Chemical Additives, Lightning Protection System, Grounding System and Vehicle Tracking System (VIA GSM & SATELLITE).