PBD is centrally located in the Middle East region in Kuwait with easy access to the GCC countries and Iraq. With over 35 years of experience in the global oilfield services arena, we offer our services to the Oil & Gas Industry. Our mission is to expedite market entry for your company into this key region which presents multitude of opportunities. Services offered: Business Development Services for market entry in the Middle East at lower cost compared to a fully loaded cost of an expat employee. This is a cost effective way rather than establishing your own office and sales force presence initially Assistance with Pre-qualifications to be an approved Service Provider and Equipment Manufacturer with Middle East National Oil Companies and Tendering Support Support during execution of a contract. Local and regional market studies. Sales & Marketing Oil & Gas Equipment procurement from USA and elsewhere Local logistical support until your company reaches a critical mass and establishes it’s full fledge presence. Local “How to do Business in Kuwait” guidance Work permit, visas, local driving license and other regulatory guidance Recruitment and sourcing of office based staff and operational manpower for projects Guidance and coordination with local Insurance requirements for contracts, bank guarantees, bid and performance bonds Identifying suitable local partner; local due diligence Training and local orientation for employee and family


A. Hak Industrial Services US, LLC markets an in-line ultrasonic inspection service. The tool, the Piglet, was developed particularly for non-piggable pipelines where conventional pigging is not possible. The Piglet can traverse back-to-back bends, multiple diameters & provides on-line monitoring of the inspection data.


Applied Ultrasonics provides offshore oil and gas drilling rigs with metal improvement through UIT ultrasonic treatment. Ultrasonic treatment has many advantages over traditional metal peening and can extend the fatigue life of critical welds. In one of our case studies, a 28-year old drilling rig fatigue life was reset to zero with ultrasonic treatment.