PO Box: 61398, Dubai, UAE,  

Intrinsic Safety Barriers, Zener Barriers, Signal Conditioners, Motherboards & HART Solutions, FF & Profibus, PA Fieldbus Power Supplies, FF & Profibus, PA Segment Protectors, Advanced Diagnostics for Fieldbus, IS Remote Process Interface, Level Devices, Purge Pressurization Systems, PC’s / Display for Hazardous Areas. Inductive Proximity, Photoelectric & Ultrasonic Sensors, Distance Measurement Sensor, Light Grids, Rotary Encoders, Counters, RFID Systems, AS-Interface Products, Bar Coding & Datamatrix, Position Encoding (WCS). Hazardous Area Enclosures / Terminal Boxes / Control Stations, Exe / Exd / Exi Boxes, Intrinsically safe Mobles / Smart Phones / Tablets, Measuring & Flash Lights.


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