Our business is to support OIL, GAS and INDUSTRIAL sector of all Middle Eastern countries, and US, specifically Houston with vendor information of all supply and service providers to Oil, Gas and Industrial segments such as Oil Companies, Oil Installations both Offshore Onshore, Oil Drilling, Oil tankers, Oil Storage, Oil refining, Marine transportation, Seismic and Marine Surveys, Geophysical, Oceanographic and Hydro graphic Surveys, Soil Investigation, Oil Well Drilling, Drilling, Directional Drilling, Well Cementing and Stimulation, Well Completion, Integrated Project Management, Instrumentation, Drilling Bits. Diamond Drilling bits, Rock Drilling bits and Coring Bits, Drilling Tools, Down Hole Tools, Fishing Tools, Hydraulic Tools, Air Tools, Wire line Logging, Flow Controls, Valves, Valve manufactures, Valve Stockist, Valve casters, Valve repairing, Pipe manufacturers, Pipes, Pipe Laying contractors, Pipe stockists, Tubular Services, OCTG, Turbo and Rotating Equipment's, Oil Well Rigs, Rig Movements, Tug Boats, Rig Supplies, Rig Jacking and Leveling, Rig Owners, Deep Sea Diving, Under-water Engineering, Safety Products and Services, Fire Hydrants, NDT Equipment's and Services, Mill Supplies, Boiler and Pressure Vessels, Alloy Steel, Structural Steel, Offshore Grade Plates, Storage Tanks, Tank Gauges, Sludge Cleaning etc....for all Middle Eastern Countries such as Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates (U.A.E) and Houston, United States.